Medical Weight Loss

The Center for Medical Weight Loss was developed to provide comprehensive, purposeful, and personalized solutions to clinical, non-surgical weight loss. We offer a combination of progressive objective testing and lifestyle support to help you achieve your goals.

History & Examination

Non-Invasive Comprehensive History & Examination

Coordination of Care

Coordination of Care With Other Healthcare Professionals

Progressive Objective Testing

• Bioimpedence Analysis
• Comprehensive Blood Work
• Hormone Panels
• Food and Environmental
• Allergy Testing
• Nutritional Evaluation Testing
• Intestina

Health Coaching

One-on-one personalized coaching sessions. Each plan is based on individual health and weight-loss goals. Nutritional counseling, food tracking, and accountability for maximum success. Long-term solutions for a life-time of sustainable results. Not a quick fix.

Nutritional Supplements

Supplements are powerful tools. Under the guidance of a trusted practitioner, they can deliver profound health benefits. We provide the highest quality, scientifically formulated nutritional solutions. Our proprietary medical foods are specifically intended for the dietary management of:

  • Immune health & function
  • Gastrointestinal health
  • Cardiometabolic health
  • Healthy blood glucose support
  • Muscle, bone, & joint health
  • Neurological health
  • Body composition
  • Weight loss
  • Personal nutrition

Fit3D Scan

Technology that captures your unique journey. Full 360-degree image and hundreds of measurements from 35 second body scan. Users access scans, data, and comparisons in a secure cloud network. Get results straight to your phone!




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