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New Year, New Me!

I work out at LifeZone360, so I literally walk by the office 5 –6 days a week. In January there was a massage special, so I decided to walk in and make an appointment. While making the appointment for massage I was asked if I wanted to see Dr. Mitchell as well and I said “yes”. Best decision ever!

Before seeing Dr. Mitchell,I was having lower back pain that was radiating down the back of my legs. I was having trouble sleeping and was taking pills to get through the night. After my first couple of visits I asked about the detox/cleanse program he offers. I have been struggling with losing weight for the past couple of years and this program made sense to me. I was tired of not fitting into my clothes, feeling bloated and of always being tired.

I  feel like I’ve just started my journey and that I still have a long way to go. I still have back pain every now and then but, it’s better than before I started seeing Dr. Mitchell and I’m no longer taking pain pills to sleep at night.I’m probably more excited about my weight loss journey. I’ve lost 11 pounds in the past month and can finally fit into clothes I haven’t worn in the last couple of years.I’ve always been a person who tends to focus on the number on the scale. The Health Coaches are very informative. Through them I’ve learned that there are so many other factors to look at besides the pounds lost. I feel like my body is actually working with me again!

After your experience at CIHW, how would you encourage others to achieve similar success? DON’T WAIT! I kept telling myself that I would start my weight loss next week. But I kept saying that week after week. Find a friend to do it with you. It helps with the accountability and you can share tips, successes, and frustrations.

~Kim R., 2018

Living the Dream and Feeling at the Ripe Old Age of 73!

I've been a patient of Dr. Mitchell's for over a decade. When I first arrived, I had chronic back and leg pain. I love to walk but found that walking worsened my symptoms. I don't recall how long it took for the symptoms to significantly reduce. It’s been a while, for sure. What I can say is that most recently, through regular adjustments and massage, I continue to be symptom free. I now walk three miles anywhere from four to six times weekly and I feel energized. I also engage in my regular daily exercise routine. The normal physiological "wear and tear" that one experiences at my age, has minimal impact on my very active lifestyle. I remain self employed as a life coach, business consultant, and inspirational speaker. By maintaining a high level of good health, I can focus on my business responsibilities while enjoying an active personal lifestyle.

I believe that the care and guidance I have received from Dr. Mitchell, as well as the occasional intervention of short-term treatments I have received under his direction at the Chicago Institute for Health and Wellness, have contributed to my ability to live my life at the highest levels. I am most appreciative of the extraordinary care, guidance and support I have received at Chicago Institute for Health and Wellness.

Tom maintains a healthy lifestyle by receiving regular treatment by Dr. Mitchell and massage therapy. At 73, he is a busy life coach, business consultant and inspirational speaker. Tom believes that “we are each our own richest resource. We are each our own most courageous ally and there is no challenge outside of us that is greater than that which is within us.”

~ Tom W., 2018

Lost 40lbs & "Living Life to the Fullest"

My quality of life was declining at a rapid pace and I had no idea how I would recover from major back surgery and being diagnosed with Lyme disease. There are so many opinions, products, and treatments on how to deal with Lyme disease and I felt totally overwhelmed and hopeless. My body was in a state of complete exhaustion and pain. I was experiencing numbness in my hands and feet, constant nerve pain, lack of mobility, severe fatigue, digestive problems and painful joints. The joint pain was so bad that picking up a cup of coffee was difficult and walking was uncomfortable. Three months on antibiotics for the Lyme's did nothing other than destroy my body from the inside out. I started packing on a lot of weight and couldn’t lose the weight no matter how hard I tried. My back surgery was a success, however I was still feeling extremely weak and my mobility was slow and very limited.

I have this life motto that I want to live life to the fullest. Needless to say I was hindered by my physical limitations to live a full life. My desire to accomplish something on any given day was predicted by the amount of pain I was in or how I felt. That led to a constant state of doing nothing which left me frustrated and truly unhappy.

I decided to try a more natural approach to treating the Lyme disease and knew I needed more help recovering physically after my back surgery. After hearing Dr. Mitchell’s holistic approach to the body and reading his book, I agreed to go through his program for better health. It felt like I got accepted into a new family. They cared for me not only physically but mentally as well. Dr. Mitchell discussed my care plan with his team and I started physical therapy. He also worked with my personal trainer on what my recovery and building my core after surgery should look like. Suddenly I had a team communicating with one another and together, they implemented the best plan of recovery for my body. The knowledge and expertise they had took all the guess work out and gave me hope. It felt like I was this very important person and my health was their highest priority. Dr. Mitchell’s life coaching helped me stay on track with my goals and his care plan for me. When I felt that progress was slow he kept me grounded and motivated.

The person who walked into Dr. Mitchell’s office a year ago and the person I am today are two different people. I truly live life free and to the fullest. I lost 40 pounds and gained a new me. No more pain, stiff joints, fatigue, and exhaustion. I went from someone that couldn’t walk without pain or pick up a cup of coffee to now doing karate, rock climbing, and weight training. I have not received the okay for sky diving yet… but soon! My broken fragile body of the past made way for someone that could live and dream again. Finally my body is keeping up with my mind, fitness goals, and dreams.

Knowledge, quality of products and excellence in care are the most important aspect in trusting someone with your health. Cutting corners, promises of quick fixes or miracle supplements might give temporary relief but healing the body with the right care takes time, commitment and an expert. The internet can be a great evil in providing millions of products and cheap advice; all for money gain and not your well-being. Patience and trusting that your care provider knows best will be the launching pad for better health instead of trying a new product or service every other week. I found this quality care at CIHW and I am so thankful. They truly changed my life for the better.

~ Retha T., 2018

"It is so Important to be Fully Functional On a Daily Basis"

Before I found Dr. Mitchell, I had been in personal training; teaching fitness classes, and running in pain. Dr. Mitchell does the continuing education for NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified trainers at the Centre in Elgin so I called him up one day and asked him if I could come to the office and shadow him. I was so impressed with Dr. Mitchell and his staff. I not only became a patient, my son is, and most of my clients are.

It is so important to be fully functional on a daily basis for me and all the physical stuff I do. I need to keep my spine aligned, my central nervous system functioning, my organs working properly and my bulging discs (C3, 4, 5 L5-5I) displaying no pain.Dr. Mitchell is a true professional and humble. He is always educating me and everyone I send to him to help me better train them. His staff are the most lovable and friendly ladies.

Overall, I have less pain, my focus is better, he answers every question I or my clients ask him.  have less stiffness and pain in my neck, lower back, left hip, and knees. My range of motion and functionality is always better after I see Dr. Mitchell. I do not take medication of any kind. I am very holistic and all natural, even while going through my stage two colon cancer. General health and wellbeing is critical to my life and what I do for others daily.

~ Angie J., 2016