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Injury vs. Soreness - Know the difference

on July 12, 2018

The first thing that you must understand is that there is a significant difference between an injury and physical soreness. As soreness is common, usually something you will feel directly after exercising, being in a game, or some other strenuous activity, you must become aware of what soreness feels like. It’s very different from an injury.

Injuries, on the other hand, are usually felt during an event and can hinder you from doing whatever you are doing, even after the event. If you are injured, when you try to resume normal workouts or game play, the damaged tissue continues to stress during any activity and you typically feel it at that time. The muscle or tissue becomes inflamed and that is something that you will notice as swelling in that part of your body. You will probably feel tenderness or a feeling of warmth to the touch.

You’re not expected to be an expert

Obviously, you’re not expected to be an expert on injury, but to know the difference between being sore and getting injured is something you must be able to determine. If you determine that you are injured, you must go to an expert for help. In the meantime, be extremely cautious! If you can’t recognize the difference between soreness and injury get yourself to an expert quickly to determine if you are sore or injured.

Please hear me clearly

I’m not saying that all nicks and dings that can occur whenever you are practicing or playing any particular sport need “medical” attention. But, injuries that go untreated can become lifelong issues. Rather than take chances with a lingering pain or discomfort from an injury, go see an expert.

by Dr. Thomas M. Mitchell, D.C., CCSP | Owner, Clinic Director Chicago Institute for Health and Wellness Copyright © 2013

acassaraInjury vs. Soreness - Know the difference

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