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Why Men Should Care About Wellness

on June 16, 2016

Surely health and wellness tips are as valuable to men as to women. Arguably, men need this information even more than women. Men die, on average, five years sooner than women. And new cases of prostate and testicular cancer outnumber breast cancer, but these male diseases don't get as much as attention.

Guys aren't helped by the fact that there's tradition of machismo in our culture. But times they are a-changin' ... right?

Men Need to Learn about Self-Care

The wellness movement and its message of holistic health (through food, water, personal care products, fitness, relationships and stress management) is as important to men as to women. But men just aren't versed in self-care.

The challenge of balancing career and family is not often discussed for men but can be stressful; simple breathing practices to manage stress can be of great value to men who might be reluctant to take a yoga or meditation class.

Many men I know are likely to eat on the run, eat late, or simply have no cooking skills — and of which make them vulnerable to eating highly processed foods. Lessons in conscious eating would help them make better choices.

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acassaraWhy Men Should Care About Wellness

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